Houston based interior designer Amanda Simmons opened the doors of her residential design firm in 2016 after working for local award-winning designers among the ranks of Kristen Nix, Meg Lonergan and Munger Interiors. Her approach seamlessly blends functionality and creativity to compliment each client’s distinctive lifestyle and create homes that are both serene and youthful. If you’re a design lover who isn’t part of the “grandmillennial” camp and are on the hunt for traditional interiors with a fresh twist, today’s blog post is for you!

Photography by Kelli Durham

From traditional to contemporary interiors, the spaces Simmons and her team design are light and airy with clean lines and soothing color palettes. This is part of the reason I was instantly drawn to her work when I came across her account on Instagram. I’m often asked for recommendations for interior designers whose aesthetic is rooted in traditional design but feels slightly more clean and contemporary and this perfectly describes Simmons’ portfolio! Elements such as wallpapered ceilings, brushed brass and contemporary light fixtures give her interiors a touch of subtle modernity with a sophisticated and tailored whimsy. I also love her ability to bring quietly bring neutral interiors to life. Even when she designs rooms that are tonal, Simmons’ layering of grasscloths, woven elements and peppering of texture is perfection. Little details like these are part of what make her interiors so beautiful- they have depth and interest and feel peaceful but never boring.

I don’t know about you, but staying at home has me constantly dreaming up all the design projects and updates I want to do in my own home and hopefully Amanda Simmons work will help give you as much as inspiration as it’s given me!