citrus home decor
Design: Emily Ruddo
Photography: Meghan Bob Photography

Although the dog days of summer seem to be nipping at our heels, there’s still a lot of summer left to be had. Inevitably the days and weeks after Fourth of July seem to move like molasses. As we enter the first major heat wave of the season, we’ve found ourselves inspired by all things refreshing, from alfresco gatherings and cocktail parties by the pool from blue and white color palettes and all things citrus. Are we the only ones? Read below for some of our favorite citrus inspired finds for the home.

Image by @nan.philip – featuring these plates, napkin rings & gingham napkins.

Citrus Favorites Decor

1. Fern Frond Fabric in Yellow // 2. Pomegranate Ceramic Ice Bucket // 3. Silver Pear // 4. Lime Bottle Opener // 5. Pomegranate Quilted Bedding // 6. Strawberry Bowl // 7. Orange Cocktail Tea Towel // 8. Sheer Citrus Garden Fabric // 9. Citrus Embroidered Napkins // 10. Fruit Napkin Rings // 11. Dessert Plates with Painted Strawberries // 12. Raspberry Ceramic Planter // 13. Lemon Place Card // 14. Blackberry Colander // 15. Fruit Canvas Tote Bag // 16. Strawberry Clusters Embroidered Fabric // 17. Standing Citrus Juicer // 18. Strawberry Embroidered Tea Towel // 19. Lemon Chintz Wallpaper