Few things last for centuries. Monograms have.

From coins that date back as early as 350 B.C. to royal seals, monograms have stood the test of time. With all of this history, monograms have plenty of old school guidelines. But behind their history and traditions, monograms have modernized into a bespoke symbol of identity. Flip open a bridal magazine… you may see a gorgeous invitation suite featuring a monogram. Follow any fine linen company on Instagram… you will see monogrammed beddings throughout their feed. Even businesses will use a monogram as their logo. Today, you can find a monogram almost anywhere… from weddings and home décor to personal and business branding.

Sophisticated Thread

Shuler Studio has found a way to blend the old world style of monograms into designs with a more modern feel. You will find the largest collection of digital monograms in the world on our website. You are sure to find the right one for you!

So you’ve found the perfect monogram… now how can you make it come to life?

For your wedding…

Many couples choose to use a Shuler monogram to personalize their wedding. We have seen monograms make a return in wedding branding over the past several years. Now, you see wedding monograms used on save the dates, invitation suites, guest books, cake toppers, ring boxes, and even dance floors!

Carter Rose Photography

Ashlyn Cathey Photography

Sami Kathryn Photography

For your home…

Monograms add a custom touch throughout the home. Personalized bed linens, guest towels, or cocktail napkins allow a guest to walk into a home and recognize the family’s “brand.” From the bedroom to the bath, a Shuler monogram can elevate the look of any room.

Faith Allen Photography

Maria Caruso Photography

Katherine Johnson Photography

For your business…

Many businesses choose to use a monogram as their logo. It adds a traditional touch to their branding and serves as a “symbol” that can be discerned by customers and clients. What would the iconic brands of Louis Vuitton or Coco Chanel be if they had not used a monogram?


A Shuler Monogram can create a distinct and unique symbol of a brand, a product, a business, or an individual. Let us help you personalize it all!