Summer has officially come to an end and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for fall and cooler weather, dinners al fresco, chunky sweaters and all the festive holiday feels. However, for reasons I can’t explain, my studio is still bursting with color and I couldn’t be more excited to release this small but mighty series of watercolor vines and floating bugs. These bugs crept their way into my studies through my love of florals and the two work so well. Only the happiest and brightest bugs make the cut while bees, butterflies and all the fun critters insert little pops of color.

This series has been a little labor of love as each bug has tiny details necessary to give each a different character. Mixing, matching and creating new colors in the murals is my favorite part. No two bugs ever look the same and the watery texture spills into different shapes that give them such a distinct look. This is also why I especially love commissions that allow me to bring these tiny individuals to life.

Sallie Strickland, Bugs and Vines, Watercolor Artists, Artists to love

These abstracts fit beautifully in sunny kitchens, pretty powder rooms or casually elegant dining vignettes. I have been so honored to also paint over a dozen of these commissioned bug pieces for nurseries in the past and hope to do more! The flora and fauna theme is the perfect fit for a newborn’s new digs and can graduate into any big boy or big girl room or bathroom. As I expect my first child this December, I’ve been incorporating all my nursery inspiration in this series and will be thrilled to see some of these bring joy to a new nursery!

This series releases today, Wednesday, September 15th at 11am EST and includes fifteen pieces ranging from 12” by 18” to 22” by 30” in size. All are sold unframed, but I always love guiding new clients with framing advice if needed. I am thrilled to release this series and always love seeing the beautiful homes and spaces they become a part of!

Sallie Strickland, Watercolor artwork, nursery artwork, bugs and vines