Patriotic curb appeal ideas that are both timeless and easy to help you get ready for the Fourth of July.

Calling all red, white, and blue lovers! Despite our best laid plans, many of us wait until the week of Fourth of July to start thinking about how to decorate our homes and porches with a patriotic flair for the holiday. Whether you are entertaining guests or staying home with your family this weekend, gussying up our homes to celebration of the birth of our nation, has become a time honored tradition. Read below for ideas to help you navigate your way to a fun and beautiful patriotic porch for this Fourth of July.

keep it simple

Most often you will find a flag displayed outside a front door on a flag pole holder fastened to the home. This can also be displayed on a porch column, out of the way of any passerbys. You can never go wrong with this display. Many flags come as kits with the mounting bracket included, like this one.

Make a statement

Hanging a large flag vertically above an alcove, door or breezeway is a beautiful, simple way to decorate. You don’t need a flag pole or flag holder and instead just need the materials required to hang the flag from an exterior surface. Tip: Be sure that the blue rectangle is in the viewers top left corner.

Bunting Flags

Bunting flags date back to the seventeenth century. “Bunt” means a material used to make something, and is often a material that flows beautifully in the wind without sacrificing durability. This is why they were also used on navy ships. They are great options for porches because they can be used in many different places; overhead, on a gate, draping over a doorway, or on the railing. This pack of 2 can be used to create a bold and beautiful statement.

Mix it Up

Nobody will fine you for flying a flag that doesn’t present all 50 stars. As long as your flag is in good condition and treated with respect, you can display it proudly. We love the nostalgic look of the ‘tea stained’ older flags and creative displays.

Small Flags

You can always find small hand flags at your local convenience store, especially between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. They are great to layer into a potted plant or near your mailbox. Your patriotic porch does not need to be complicated or expensive. Thoughtfulness goes a long way for your patriotic porch.

Patriotic Porch Inspiration
Source: Amy CP and BP


Red and white flowers in pots always make a lasting impression. Geraniums and impatients are hardy flowers for a porch. Bonus points if you have blue hydrangeas nearby; you’ve got the perfect patriotic trifecta!

Add a bit of whimsy

Red, white, and blue pots, wreaths, pillows or doormats are long term investments that will help you to display your patriotism. Let your creativity run wild. If you want a patriotic doormat, this is a popular option.

Read below for more tips below on creating your perfect patriotic porch. And remember, red, white, and blue will always be in style. Happy 4th of July!

1. Be sure your flag is above any other flag you are displaying. If you have nautical flags, or flags of other countries, they must remain below the position of honor.

2. You may keep your flag out all year long if the material allows you to do so, such as nylon or polyester. If it is not a durable flag, take it down in inclement weather.

3. If your flag is worn, it is proper etiquette to dispose of it properly in your local flag box. Your local Boy and Girl Scouts or American Legion will also take them.