Contributor Chrissie Haim shares her favorite tips to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Beautiful spring weather can only mean one thing; it is time to step foot outside again and focus on the exterior of our home. Now is the best time year to refresh your curb appeal, and improve your home’s appearance after a long winter. Here are a few ideas to get you started on maximizing your curb appeal.

Make a Good First Impression with a New Doormat

A clean doormat is good Feng Shui for curb appeal. And after the year we’ve all had, well…we don’t need any bad vibes! Make sure it covers the width of your door with no frayed edges. Layering your doormat is also a nice way to add color and character this season. Mats with scalloped edges and coconut fiber mats are two great choices.

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Lantern Lighting

Wall lanterns, especially gas lanterns, ooze with sophistication and elegance. Two of our favorite destinations of lanterns are Lantern & Scroll and Bevolo. If you are not in the market for an upgrade, the glass on your lighting should be cleaned and the light bulbs should be in working order. Having a well lit entryway at night gives a warm welcoming for your guests, and allows your house number to be seen for family, friends and deliveries.

Water Features

Adding a timeless water feature like this one to your front porch or a larger one in your garden is a dead giveaway that you’re paying attention to the charm your home exudes. We love the look of something as simple as a
birdbath, or as elaborate as a fountain with circulating water. Whatever you choose, the sound of water is so calming and is good feng shui.


Have fun with your planters by using colorful, annual flowers. It’s a great way to seasonally spruce up your entryway or porch. This time of year we love pansies, marigolds, and tulips. If you want to go easy on yourself and keep things simple, boxwoods or topiaries in pretty pots make a gorgeous and impactful statement. Lavender Topiaries and just the right dash of quintessential charm. If you are among the majority of those who struggle to keep topiaries alive, these artificial ones are the best ones we’ve found.

via Barbara Westbrook

Flower Boxes

Flowers that cascade down your window boxes will give just about any home incredible curb appeal. We love Petunias and Verbena which will grow long into the summer, and various greens like ivy and sweet potato vines. Adding height with ferns or Geraniums will create depth and interest, so be sure to fill up the entire window box. More is…more! Insert terry pommett cape cod life.

Paint Your Porch Ceiling

Take your curb appeal to a whole new level by painting your porch ceiling a Haint Blue. This
classic, southern technique makes a statement like no other. The concept originated in the
South by using crushed Indigo plants, prior to the American Revolution. Some say it protects
you from bad spirits, while others say it keeps the insects away. Either way, it’s still so beautiful,
all these years later.

Photography: Hector M. Sanchez

Give Your Front Door A Face Lift

Never underestimate the power of paint and a beautiful door knocker. A fresh coat of high gloss paint will wow your guests! Choose a color that best suits your style of home and is also a reflection of you and your family. We love the timeless look of a rich black color or a slate blue color, with an unlacquered brass door knocker.

Image via Cover My In Ivy

If you’re feeling bold, a color door balanced with traditional accents leaves an unforgettable impression.

Source: Carla Taylor


It goes without saying that you can’t have great curb appeal without decent landscaping. Be sure your lawn is mowed, your hedges are trimmed, and any flower beds have been weeded. If it looks unkempt and overgrown from the outside, people will perceive the inside to be just the same. Yikes! Mulch will help keep the weeds away and will give the yard a chic and fresh look.


If you want to stand apart from all the rest, having an arbor with a path that leads to your front
door or backyard creates a beautiful and unique focal point. They create a sense of mystique to those passing by and allows you the creative freedom to plant something that grows up and around it. We love roses, Clematis, Wisteria, and Morning Glory.

These spring curb appeal tips will surely have your neighbors wondering how you did it! But whatever your budget, and however you choose to spruce up your front porch, let it be a reflection of you. Now that’s what we call très chic!

Chrissie A. Haim is an interior designer from the North Shore of Long Island. She enjoys decorating with an approachable, sophisticated style. Her passions include traditional interiors with a twist, residential projects, garden design, and mixing old with new anywhere she can.