Marika Meyer has been on my personal list of favorite interior designers list for years. She has an uncanny ability to bring a fresh feel to every space she touches while preserving traditional sensibilities and creating interiors that possess a sense of wonderment. Not only is she the owner of a full service residential design firm in Washington D.C., Marika Meyer Interiors, Marika also has her own line of textiles and recently launched a line of ready made pillows- which you are going to go crazy over! She’s not only talented and gracious, but over the years I’ve heard time and again that she just fantastic to work with! This became immediately clear through my Q&A with her today and she is so charming and well spoken that I didn’t want it to end! So pour another cup of coffee, procrastinate just a little bit this morning (it’s Friday, after all) and join me for a quick chat down with Marika!

Q: I am so excited to have you on the blog and thank you so much for joining us today! To get things off to a start and introduce you to our readers, I was wondering how you would describe your design aesthetic?

A: Unapologetically traditional! To say your aesthetic was traditional used to be a bad word, but I have been so happy to see a renewed appreciation for traditional lines and styles. Traditional doesn’t have to mean fussy or dated. To me, it’s an appreciation for the beauty that inherently exists in vintage pieces, iconic shapes, and patterns.

Marika Meyer

Q: What would you say is your biggest strength as a designer?

A: This might surprise you, but I think it’s that I’m equal parts left brain and right brain. I am by nature a creative person and I love designing beautiful spaces and patterns. But, I work with lots of busy people who are relying on our team to not only design a home they love, but to do it in a way that is simple, organized and painless for them! We pride ourselves on being efficient, and hyper-organized on projects. I want our clients to walk into their new spaces and only think about how they feel right at home, and to never let that be overshadowed by the process that it took to get there!

Q: You have so much going on and seem to juggle it all so well! What are your long term business goals?

A: Global domination, of course. In the meantime, we are very excited to be collaborating on some exciting new products that will be out in the next few months. We find that collaborations with other vendors has provided us the opportunity to explore new areas of the market. We can’t wait to share them with you!

“Traditional doesn’t have to mean fussy or dated. To me, it’s an appreciation for the beauty that inherently exists in vintage pieces, iconic shapes, and patterns”

-marika meyer

Q: What led you to take the leap from adding “textile designer” to your resume? I adore your entire line of fabrics by the way!

A: My background is in Fine Arts and Painting, and I always gravitated towards time in the studio. With a busy interior design business, I missed the purely creative act of putting pencil to paper. Also, with my experience, I had a good sense for what existed in the textile market, and what didn’t. I felt that I could bring something new and different – a traditional aesthetic in a modern, fresh color palette, developed with designers in mind.

Q: What do you think sets Marika Meyer Textiles apart from other textile options and interior designer run shops in the market?

A: It’s a great question because there are lots of beautiful boutique textile collections produced by really talented artists. As an interior designer, my goal is to create a collection that can be a tool for solving all of those problems that you run into when designing a space – poor lighting, awkward corners, couples who can’t agree on color palette, multi-use spaces, you name it. I selected our linen to be versatile enough for drapery, upholstery and pillows. The right fabric can brighten a room, hide unusual angles, and with custom colors available, you can create a unique palette that satisfies even the most divergent tastes!

Q: What is your personal favorite pattern in your line?

A: It’s too hard to name just one, but the patterns from the Sterrett collection, the first collection named for my great-grandfather, are probably the most important to me. Laurel Leaf, Pompeii, Dove Stripe – these were all designed based on inspiration that I had been collecting for years. It was an amazing feeling to see them as textiles for the very first time!

Q: One of the most common questions I get from readers is asking how to know which patterns to mix? What advice do you have for readers who struggle with “pattern play” and layering patterns-especially when it comes to to pillows!

Each pillow is chicer than the last! I already have quite a few in mind for our new house but if you’re on the hunt for new pillows too, you can shop the entire collection HERE.

A: Our eyes are naturally drawn to specific patterns. It is important to honor what resonates with your own eye while remembering to keep principles like scale in check. Too many small scale patterns together will look mismatched, verses tying in medium and large scale for balance. In our textile collection, we have made sure to include micro prints, small scale, medium and large so that people can use multiple patterns in one room!

S: Markia, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today and I can’t wait to see your new upcoming collections. In the meantime, I have a few pillows I need to order!

Photography by Angie Seckinger and Stacy Zarin Goldberg

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