Dallas Designer and Directory Member Lisa Henderson shares insights on her approach to traditional design, how she advises her clients through the process, and her recently launched line of textiles.

While traditional design today is fresher than ever, the same beloved approach, layered elements, and curated nuances hold true and are finding their way into a new generation of homes. Located in Dallas, Lisa Henderson of Lisa Henderson Interiors, artfully creates comfortable and beautiful spaces. Lisa’s interiors transcend trends and abound in carefully thought-out details. The homes she designs tell the story of the families who dwell there and reflect her proficient talent for executing timeless, personalized design. We sat down with Lisa to get insight into her approach to traditional design, how she advises her clients through the process and her recently launched line of textiles.

Traditional Today

Q: What do you love about traditional-style design? What does it look like today?

A: Traditional style is quintessentially timeless, outliving the trends. Full of layers, details, and well-planned spaces, each aspect of fresh traditional design exudes warmth, features personalized accessories, and is designed with comfortable elegance in mind. From textures, patterns, and lighting to the linens, art, and decorative accents, I love how each piece works together to create layers that culminate in an inviting and interesting atmosphere. Design should never have a time stamp. Timelessly inviting, charming, traditional-style homes are full of design details and personality that reflect the unique past, hobbies, and ideas of the individual homeowner—not just the trends of today. I believe that after spending time in someone’s house, you should leave knowing more about that person just by having been in their home.

Last, but not least—color! Colorful patterns and upholstery infuse energy and personality into a space. Color and pattern are much more practical for every stage and lifestyle than solid neutrals (even in nurseries!).

Well-planned: Form and Function

Q: The most important perspective to have when designing a home?

A: Never underestimate the power of a thoroughly thought-out approach! In today’s Amazon Prime culture of instant results and quick turn-around schedules, I encourage my clients of the benefits of taking the time to really think through how they want to use their home—as well as how they want it to look and feel. I start by helping them identify the purpose for each room, making sure that the flow and function are solidified before we move into the design details. I also help them understand that my own planning time is important for their success of their space, from the selection of details and accessories to the scheming of colors, furniture selection, and room arrangement. I am dedicated to creating a palette that reflects their personality, taste, and lifestyle, as well as making efficient use and utility of each space. The result should not only be a beautiful place of respite, it should also work for their lifestyle and meet their needs!

Finally, I encourage my clients to enjoy the journey. Unrushed and unhurried, they’re able to better able to make decisions (no decision is the last one!) and think through the possibilities as I guide them through the process, whether we’re working on new construction or finishing a room.

Pattern Play

Q: Your textile and lampshade lines are gorgeous! What is your inspiration for each pattern?

A: I am constantly inspired by color! After requesting custom colors for my clients’ textile orders for years, I decided to launch my own line of textiles to better meet their needs—and mine as a designer! Inspiration for pattern is everywhere, from architectural elements in buildings and archived prints to old wallpapers and porcelain designs. I love creating patterns that can be used throughout a home, and each of my textile prints are designed to coordinate with one another! Lampshades are such a fun, easy way to refresh a space. I wanted to offer a product to both designers and the public, making instant updates accessible to everyone. Colorful, one-of-a- kind lampshades are one of my favorite pieces to use in my designs!

On the Shelf

Q: Must-haves for styling bookcases and coffee tables?

Bookshelves are the perfect spot to showcase your collections as well as small pieces of art! I love placing little stacks of beautiful, keepsake children’s books on lower shelves—easy for little hands to reach. A touch of greenery also brightens up every kind of space!

Q. Favorite coffee table book?

I adore Vogue Living: Houses, Garden, People—both the 1950s version and the one from the early 2000s.

Thank you so much for chatting with us Lisa. It’s both a pleasure to share your work and honor to share your work and an honor to have you as a member of The Traditional List Directory.

Lisa Henderson