Before & After: A Colorful Home Renovation Project by Lisa Henderson

We sat down with Lisa Henderson of Lisa Henderson Interiors for an inside look at one of her latest home renovation projects in Dallas, Texas. Through a classically comfortable pallet, Lisa’s design philosophy is to enhance each clients’ daily routine with a beautiful place to call home. With a versatile approach, she uses a traditional style for today’s world.

Kitchen Design

Q: What is the design style of the project, and what are four words you’d use to describe the overall feel?

A: The design style for this comfortable family home is New Traditional. The top four descriptive words that come to mind are colorful, inviting, warm, and cheerful! It’s a soft, welcoming, and layered retreat for this family of four to live and grow.

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Q: Who was the property designed for, and with what in mind?

A: The home was designed for a young family that enjoys entertaining. We began the design process and had an overall game plan for the house two years ago when they purchased it and have been slowly tackling one room at a time as they’ve been ready. It’s been interesting to watch some of the original plans shift over time as the family has grown and other rooms have been installed. For example, we completely changed the original color palette we had planned for the living room.

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Q: Is there a story personal to the homeowner behind the design direction?

A: Absolutely, I believe there is a story behind every interior. This project was a true home renovation from the start. The home's previous owners had a real love for Santa Fe, which was reflected in every corner of their house, from a vibrant turquoise island to turquoise rocks in the fireplace. Our first step was to begin removing those elements and going back to the original integrity of the home, making it more fitting for my clients’ family. In addition, the homeowners are very close friends of mine, who I consider even closer now.

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Q: What was your favorite room to design?

A: The dining room! Not only is it such a fun and colorful space, but we got to use a textile from my collection for the drapery. I think dining rooms are always one of my favorite spaces to design because I know how many memories will be created there overtime with family and friends.

Q: What did you love most about this project?

A: Because I am friends with the homeowners, I have been able to see how much they really love everything, and it means so much! At the end of the day, that is my top goal of every design I do. Every new install we tackle is their new favorite thing, which is how it should be! Seeing my clients’ face light up after a successful install is the most satisfying part of my job, and it will never get old.

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Q: What materials and design sources were used in the project?

A: The home includes Forbes and Lomax switches throughout, Coleen Rider and Soane light fixtures, stunning wallcoverings from Lulie Wallace, Farrow and Ball, and Caitlin McGauley, and our own in-house fabric by Lisa Henderson Textiles. I also sourced several pieces of custom artwork for an additional layer.