I’m thrilled to be back with another Artist Spotlight and today I’m featuring the artwork of Johnna Douglas! Douglas is a contemporary painter who resides along the coast of Southeast Georgia and is amazingly enough, a self taught artist. She gains much of her inspiration from the grace and charm of her southern culture and the beautiful coastal environment in which she lives. The latter is clearly evident in her landscape paintings and her use of serene, tonal palettes. Douglas paints everything from contemporary florals to abstract canvases. However, I find myself constantly mesmerized by her landscape paintings.

Johnna Douglas

Douglas’ paintings quietly beckon the viewer, drawing them in and creating an overarching sense of calm. What I find so captivating about her landscapes in particular, is that they feel almost four dimensional. Observing them makes you feel as if you could magically step right through the canvas and be transported into the world before you. As if this weren’t wonderful enough, her paintings are also affordable! If you’re like me and are constantly on the hunt for landscapes that are both beautiful and attainable, Johnna is definitely an artist to follow!

“Our homes are where life and love is shared, so let’s make them warm, welcoming and hospitable.”


Douglas released her latest collection this past Thursday on “Dress the Room” and it’s positively dreamy! Some of the pieces have already sold out, but if there was a painting you had your eye on, Johnna also accepts commissions. In her own words, “Our homes are where life and love is shared, so let’s make them warm, welcoming and hospitable.” She is delightful to work with and especially with the holidays on the horizon, paintings make such a wonderful gift!

You can keep up to speed with her newest releases by following her on Instagram and I can’t wait to hear what you think of her artwork! My is that hope you’ll love her work as much as I do!