The art that hangs on your walls gives guests a glimpse into who you are. Directory Member, Johnna Douglas shares favorite pieces from her latest collection and helps you find your artistic voice.

Your personal style shines through in all aspects of life, from home decor to clothing and how you take your coffee (or is it tea?). Art is no different! In the art world, we often use a variation of the phrase “choose what speaks to you.” While some may immediately “get it,” others may find themselves scratching their head wondering, “what does that even mean?” And guess what? That is OK.

As someone who creates, purchases and just plain enjoys original art, I hope to simplify this concept and give you some helpful hints when it comes to finding your taste in art. Rule number one: find what speaks to you. The art is talking so let’s give it a listen!

Be True to Hue: Color

This may seem like a no-brainer but color plays a huge role in what draws you to a particular paining. We know that different colors have different effects on our mood and emotions, which is why considering color is so important. Do you feel a spark when you come face to face with a bold, punchy palette? Does a pop of neon inspire you to take on your day with a cheerful demeanor? Is it those saturated hues that inspire you the most?

Or do you find that your heart skips a beat at the sight of a softly surreal color scheme? Do you crave the kind of calm it brings your home? Think about colors, which emotions they evoke, and what makes you happiest.

I Like The Way You Move: Texture & Movement

Now let’s move from an emotional feeling, to a tangible one. Paintings can be highly textural and dimensional, for example when something is affixed to a canvas or a heavy medium, such as oil paint, is thickly applied.

On the other hand paintings might be smooth as glass, as when a resin coating is poured over a canvas to give it a contemporary, lacquered look. Thinking about movement is another important element to consider. Do you find yourself gravitating more towards larger, loose brushstrokes or do you prefer pieces with a more structured composition?

Don’t Change the Subject, Let’s Focus On It: Subject Matter

From florals to pure abstraction, there is a subject for everyone. A still life or pastoral landscape will often appeal to the ‘traditionalist’, while the modernist will typically prefer pieces that are more abstract and open to interpretation. Then again, a quirky collage portrait of Iris Apfel may be just the contemporary piece to reveal your playful side. Subject matter is highly…..well, subjective! This is a great opportunity to showcase your personality in your home.

We’re Not Talking About Bowling: The Frame Game

Now for the icing on the cake; the frame. Framing enhances the style, color, and movement of a painting. Crisp and clean? Decorative and carved? Shining and gilded? Whatever framing you choose, you can’t go wrong as long as it does not overpower the artwork.

A great piece of art is a worthwhile investment and I hope these tips will guide you to a stress-free and fun journey to choosing “what speaks to you”. And may your art tell your guests some of the best things about you when you’re not around!

Johnna Douglas is a Member of The Traditional List Directory. She resides in costal southeast Georgia and finds her inspiration in her faith, family friends and the Faith, family and friends, the grace and charm of her southern culture and the beautiful coastal environment in which she lives are the inspiration behind her work.