Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that means it’s officially time to start scheming place settings, dusting off the furniture, polishing the silver, and bringing the room to that only gets used a few times a year back to life: the dining room!  Interestingly enough dining rooms are a relatively new concept and even when Thomas Jefferson added one to his home at Monticello it was considered a chic and fanciful thing to do.  Although dining rooms are often the least used room in a house, I think they are the most fun to decorate. You can fill them with rich fabrics, bright patterns, gorgeous wallpaper, and fine furniture without the inevitable wear and tear of everyday living taking its toll.  They become like our own little jewel boxes in our homes just waiting to shine, and I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite dining rooms with you today.

So, cheers to a day filled with love, family, and food and cheers to our dining rooms that patiently wait in the wings most of the year until they once again become the heart of the home during this special time of year. Happy Thanksgiving!


Design by Sarah Bartholomew


Design by Miles Redd


Design by James T. Farmer




Design by Mallory Mathison


Design by Clary Bosbyshell


Design by Bailey Quin


Design by Ashley Whittaker



Design by Phoebe Howard


Design by Allison Allen


Design by Debbie Propst


Design by Phoebe Howard


Design by Melissa Haynes