Your sneak peek at Sarah Jane Tart’s new painting collection, Tangerine Skies, releasing on Wednesday, May 26th at 9 a.m. EST with Liza Pruitt.

Photography by Allison Nichole Photography

I love watching a sky explode with color as the sun begins to set. Purples, oranges and blues dancing across a gorgeous landscape — it’s an artist’s dream! A single sunset can inspire an entire collection, and that is exactly what happened with Tangerine Skies, my latest work releasing with Liza Pruitt on May 26! I thought it would be fun to give readers the first sneak peak of the upcoming collection today!

Tangerine Sky

Earlier this year, my husband and I made a quick trip to Bald Head Island, NC, and on our last night there we caught the sun setting over the Atlantic. God’s beauty never fails to astound me, the sunset that evening was simply breathtaking. Paintings unfolded before my eyes, setting my creative wheels into motion!

When I got back to my home studio in Durham, NC, I wasted no time. With an exciting flurry of happy squiggles, Tangerine Skies quickly took over my easel! I used my favorite acrylic paints and panels to bring these paintings to life. You’ll notice, I chose to leave the edges of each Tangerine Sky wood, giving them a beautiful, natural look!

Tangerine Skies take you from the coastal marshes of the Carolinas onto the open waters. Sandbars and shorelines dot the landscape, bathed in a sunset glow! These delightful landscapes are a reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty all around us. I encourage viewers to take their time as they peruse this body of work, much like you would a sunset!

Sarah Jane Tart

There is a size for everyone in this collection with paintings ranging from 11×14 in. to 30×36 in.
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