Custom Lampshades by Sorella Glenn
Erica Dunhill

Sorella Glenn

Sorella Glenn is redefining the traditional lampshade. Sisters Katy and Gracen, co-founders of
this unique studio, have created shades that stylishly complement existing design schemes or
even spark a fresh new style. Their debut collection is a carefully considered portfolio of
patterns and forms, each hand-pleated and sewn in America, where craftsmanship is evident
in every detail. These rich designs would brighten any room with their distinctive elegance and
matchless style.


Meet the Designer

How would you describe your brand/style in three words?

Current, polished, beautiful.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by original art, beautiful textiles, travel, and creative work by the interior design community.

What is your favorite/go-to design advice?

Just do it. Don’t be afraid to use color and pattern. Even neutrals with layers of pattern and color make a beautiful room. Buy good quality and you will only cry once. And finally, if you are able, hire a designer. This could prevent costly mistakes in the future.

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