Design: Sherrell Neal/ Photography: Michael Hunter

Sherrell Neal

Houston, TX

Sherrell’s body of work has been described as sophisticated, elegant, and timeless, with a natural southern sensibility. Her use of clean lines and calming color palettes successfully achieve livable and comfortable spaces. Sherrell believes that bespoke heirloom elements lay the foundation for good design and that investments for the home should last. Bridging traditional style with modern living to create something new out of something old and something original out of something common.


Meet the Designer

How would you describe your aesthetic in three words?

Timeless, romantic, livable.

What inspires you?

My inspirations are constantly evolving and with travel on pause, I've been finding an array of references during my nature walks and watching films from the 40' and 50's.

What is your favorite/go-to design advice?

When in doubt, follow your gut!

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