Sara Crooks

Sara Crooks


Oklahoma-based with Southern sensibilities, Sara Crooks came to design through the notice of various friends and acquaintances taking note of her abilities and asking her to tackle their projects. In a tale as old as time, one thing lead to another and in 2012, Sara Crooks Design was born. Now, years later with more intense study, Sara has continued to hone her eye, fine-tune her skill, and has found her stride in guiding clients with a high dose of creativity and a big shot of logic. She thrives on collaboration with clients and walking people through blank stares to the creation of spaces that nurture the family and provide a beautiful backdrop for life’s memories to unfold. Sara sees the world in the tiniest of details and in her opinion, a house is far more than a collection of finishes and furniture. Sara, along with her team, thrives on executing whole-home projects from new construction or remodels through full furnishing. Sara lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with her attorney/entrepreneur husband, Michael, her son, John Michael, twin girls, Juliet and Audrey and their British Lab, Pete.


Meet the Designer

How would you describe your aesthetic in three words?

Fresh, approachable, classically inspired.

What inspires you?

Classic elements executed in new ways, travel and the jolt of a new view, as well as thumbing through design books and studying each element of a space.

What is your favorite/go-to design advice?

Juxtaposition and tension make interesting spaces so always think about contrast - light/dark; rough/smooth; fancy/humble; traditional/modern, and so forth. Also, keep in mind that not every selection should be the star of the show. Some selections need to serve a supporting role. And finally, context is key. You can't evaluate a selection in isolation.

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