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Liza Pruitt

Richmond, VA

Art gives a voice to the walls that we surround ourselves with. I believe that the magic behind any beautiful space is the unique language the walls are speaking. I’ve made my passion my work by connecting people with the art that speaks their language. I have an insatiable appetite for experiencing what the world has waiting for me and getting in front of its beauty as often as possible. As a sociology major from The University of Georgia, understanding the development of a culture is fascinating to me. No matter where I travel, I discover that the love of beauty is universal. This endeavor is a peak into my world and an opportunity to share the beauty I am constantly discovering.Born in Savannah. Fell in love in Jackson Hole. Rooted in Richmond, Virginia.

Liza Pruitt

Meet the Designer

How would you describe your brand/style in three words?

Stylish, colorful, refined.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by creativity in all forms. Obviously, art is an inspiration. But music, flower arranging, fashion styling, architecture and interior design. I am inspired by makers and creatives of all kinds!

What is your favorite/go-to design advice?

Buy what you love! The things you love will all work together in the end. Not everyone should not have the same stuff. Be yourself and surround yourself with colors or all white, whatever YOU love!

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