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Photography: Jacob Snavely

Kerri Pilchik Design

Ridgewood, NJ

Kerri Pilchik Design is an interior design studio that speaks to the modern day sensibilities of her clients while maintaining the foundational timelessness that moves good design into brilliant design. Kerriā€™s work is layered but uncluttered, sophisticated but approachable, elegant and effortless. Her method is intentional and discriminating, hand-selecting pieces that work in harmony to create spaces around the ethics of the homeowner. She designs rooms to both exalt past experiences and honor a future defined by love, authenticity and a passion for a lifetime of growing. Kerri is as much of a storyteller as she is a designer, inviting the people with whom she works to engage with her in a thoughtful pursuit of color, contrast, and craft.

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Meet the Designer

What type of design services do you offer?

Full-service Residential Interior Design Services, throughout the East Coast.

How would you describe your design style/overall aesthetic?

Layered but uncluttered, sophisticated but approachable, colorful and classic.

How did you get started in interior design?

I practiced environmental law for 14 years before deciding to make a career switch. I had always wanted to be an interior designer but got sidetracked. Finally, I decided I had to follow my passion. I enrolled in classes at NYSID and started a business at the same time with a fellow student. Five years later, I went off on my own and KPD was born. I have been fortunate to have had some amazing projects and clients in the short time that I have been in business.

What is something that sets you apart from other interior designers?

I received an art history degree from Duke University, a law degree from Georgetown and completed the interior design program at the New York School of Interior Design. My background makes me uniquely qualified to provide both a client-centric and creative experience and pay attention to the smallest detail, while bringing a passion for color and craft.

Do you tend to learn more towards colors or neutrals?

Colors, of course! Color can make a room come alive and its occupants feel happy and warm. I am definitely not a grey girl.

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