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Dear Keaton

Dear Keaton

Atlanta, GA

Dear Keaton is a lifestyle brand that promotes resort living everyday. Founder Christie Shepard, envisioned an online marketplace with a highly curated selection of furnishings and accessories for the home and the result is splendid. Dear Keaton was created for those who have traveling spirits or simply dream of wondrous destinations. Therefore, staying true to their mission, their globally sourced products are artisan made, sustainable and fair trade.

Dear Keaton

Meet the Designer

How would you describe your brand/style in three words?

Relaxed, collected, coastal.

What inspires you?

Travel, female artists, creators and entrepreneurs, as well as long drives.

What is your favorite/go-to design advice?

Buy what you love. Unique items that "speak" to you are the things that make a home special.

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