Christian Ladd

Christian Ladd Home

Amarillo, TX

Christian Ladd Interiors is a full-service residential design firm in Texas. Christian’s style is described as crisp and classic yet unpretentious. She is known for her traditionalist core style but focuses on incorporating a juxtaposition of modern pieces with antiques and heirlooms. With the specific curation that Christian brings to client’s homes in mind, the concept of Christian Ladd Home was formed.

The penchant for purposefully sourced finds was the driving force behind the creation of Christian Ladd Home. We aim to discover the most unique products, artists, and vendors and wanted to provide a space where everyone can access those finds. CLH is a one-stop-shop for a curated collection of art, antiques, linens, and exclusive collaborations. Our hope is that by making these special finds accessible they will become heirloom pieces that can be passed down for generations. We hope our products bring cheer to you and your home.

Christian Ladd

Meet the Designer

How would you describe your brand/style in three words?

Classic, curated, heirloom-quality.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by many things including travel, architecture and history. I love things that have a story and this lends itself to my love for mixing old and new. It's important to curate things that have meaning and can be passed down for generations with new pieces.

What is your favorite/go-to design advice?

My go-to design advice is to create a curated space filled with things that you love and that have meaning behind them. I gravitate towards timeless, traditional pieces and pops of color stemming from art, accessories, and things that can be easily interchangeable.

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