Sara Crooks

I first discovered the work of Sara Crooks on Instagram a few months ago and instantly knew I wanted to feature her on the blog. She had only a handful of Instagram posts at the time, so I headed to her website and instantly found myself even more enchanted with her work. If you hadn’t heard of her before today’s post, I have a feeling you’ll find yourself asking same question I did- how have I not heard of Sara Crooks sooner and how can I help get her name out there?

Sara Crooks

Sara Crooks‘ full service interior design firm is based in Oklahoma and her interiors are refined and classic without feeling stuffy or dated. Whether she is adding pops of color with a geometric wallpaper in a powder room or executing elaborate layering of patterns and textures in a chinoiserie chic dining room, Sara has the rare ability to make contemporary accents look timeless and antiques look relevant and fresh. Gilt mirrors, bullion fringe and other traditional accents are complimented by an expert sense of scale and balance and the results are homes that are to die for. These Designer to Watch posts are some of my favorite posts to write because I get to highlight the work of interior designers who may not yet be household names, but should be (in my opinion) Sara Crooks is one of those designers who is at the very top of my list.

P.S. I’ve linked her instagram account here if you want to follow along and help stay up to date with inspiration from a few of her ongoing projects.

Photography by Stephen Karlish and Sarah Baker

Chinoiserie Chic Dining Room
Brunch Tablescape

Blue and White Powder Room Inspiration
Sara Crooks
Marble countertops
Girls Bathroom Wallpaper

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