Birmingham interior designer, Katherine Melvin is amongst the next generation of rising interior designers you should be watching and I’m today I’m thrilled to be featuring her work! Having studied both art history and architecture at Vanderbilt and Oxford, Melvin’s classical education and travel, coupled with her southern design roots, have shaped her sophisticated yet welcoming aesthetic.

Katherine B. Melvin

Melvin’s interiors are bright and airy with classic lines, cool neutral tones and chic coastal elements. Rattan chairs and seagrass baskets are paired seamlessly with canopy beds and botanical and aviary prints to create cheerful traditional spaces with an understated elegance that instantly put you at ease.

Melvin’s fresh and youthful approach to traditional interiors is timeless and I adore her ability to subtly incorporate quiet moments that are delightful and unexpected. Whether you are on the hunt for an interior designer or are simply looking for beautiful midweek design inspiration, Katherine’s work is sure to delight!

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