Although blue and white is near and dear to my heart, that isn’t to say I’m not also a fan of colorful design- it just has to be executed correctly. For this reason, I shy away from using too many splashes of colors in my own home. It’s not my natural design forte and when I’m working on projects with a slightly more contemporary feel, I find myself frequently turning to today’s featured designer, Hannah Ozburn, for inspiration. Ozburn’s well-trained eye and her ability to layer and mix and match patterns and color in a way that’s intentional, warm and sophisticated can be only be likened to that of Katie Ridder and Gen Sohr of Pencil and Paper.

Ozburn began her career studying under Steven Gambrel for seven years in New York, until she relocated back to Nashville and ultimately settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, starting her own design firm, Hannah Ozburn Interiors. Her aesthetic is an unexpected and eclectic blend of fearless pattern play and use of color paired with contemporary and whimsical global elements. The result? Interiors that are both enchanting and timeless. If you are not familiar with Hannah Ozburn already, I cannot wait to share it with you today! Although her interiors may, at first glance, seem “contemporary” to some, I would argue the opposite. She does include modern elements and color palettes, but they combine with traditional lines and a nod to family friendly living, to create spaces that are captivating and ultimately resonate as classic.

Ozburn’s official website will be launching soon and I’m on pins and needles with anticipation! It’s being designed by the uber talented Hanna Seabrook of Gadabout Creative, so you know it is going to be beautiful! While I anxiously await full looks at some of her latest designs, today I’m sharing lots of design details from some of my personal favorite projects of hers.

Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

Although I love all of Hannah’s work, my very favorite projects of hers are undoubtedly her nurseries and children’s rooms:

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