Does anyone feel like this week has just been a string of four or five Saturdays in a row? I feel like I don’t know what day of the week it is and if it is 2019 yet or still 2018. Even though I’m not sure why this holiday season has felt like more of a whirlwind than normal, it has been such a happy week for us. That being said, I am still dog tired.

Today I’m the sharing the work of M+ M Interior Design. I think the first two words I would use to describe their spaces are sophisticated and delightful. The dynamic Chicago duo, Leslie Martin and Kate Meardon, have a flare for weaving the unexpected with otherwise traditional rooms. Their keen eye for detail and their ability to merge functional living with tailored refinement is both inspiring and exciting. They have nine children between the two of them so it’s no wonder they have mastered the art of stylish family friendly living!