January 25, 2021
Designer Spotlight: Lauren Robbins Interiors
By Sophie Phelps

We’re back with our first Designer Spotlight of 2021 and today we’re featuring Augusta based interior designer, Lauren Robbins of Lauren Robbins Interiors. Unafraid to think outside the box, Robbins champions putting clever spins on classic design. Whether it’s her green and white rendition of the traditional black and white checkerboard floor or her fearless use of splashes of color, the spaces she designs are both beautiful and family friendly. Equally impressive is how thought provoking her interiors are. Each space is expertly curated in a way that make them feel as if each room has its own story to tell.

Lauren Robbins

We hope you’ll read along as she joins us today for a Q&A, sharing portfolio highlights as well as her favorite design tips, like how to make interiors both beautiful and functional!

Photography by Hector Sanchez, Natalie Thompson and Amy J. Owen

Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

A: At Lauren Robbins Interiors we strive to create curated, collected designs for our clients. We love mixing in family heirlooms such as a Louis Phillippe chest and pairing it with modern art; or combining pillows with bursts of pattern with traditional florals. Our goal is for our client’s home to have a truly layered look that mixes the old and the new. It doesn’t always come quickly, but when a job is complete it has so much interest and personality.

Q: How did you decide to pursue a career in interior design?

A: Design wasn’t what I always set out to do. After earning a degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I moved to New York City where I became an event planner. In this position, I was able to work with an amazing design team who inspired me to think outside of the box when it came to the use of everyday items. How could you use lucite trays to create a food tower display? Or, how could you create a food station with plates hanging from the ceiling? It was so inspiring to work with minds that pushed the barriers of how we use everyday items, that I was inspired to pursue a more creative career. I have always loved fabrics and antiques, so I slowly began helping friends and family on small projects around their homes. Over the years, the small projects have grown into full houses and here we are today!

Q: What has been inspiring you lately?

A: Color! If last year has taught me anything, it is that color is back. Fresh pillows, bright throws, art from an artist you love, and even colored candles are all easy ways to bring a fresh dose of color into your home.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a home?

A: Let your personality shine through! I hate walking into a home that feels like everything has been purchased from a showroom floor. As designers, it is our job to create a design that reflects what is most important to you while creating a look that feels cohesive and can be enjoyed for years to come.

“We strive to create curated, collected designs for our clients. We love mixing in family heirlooms such as a Louis Phillippe chest and pairing it with modern art; or combining pillows with bursts of pattern with traditional florals. Ultimately, out goal is for our client’s home to have a truly layered look that mixes the old and the new.”

Q: Living through a pandemic this past year has caused us all to turn our sites on projects in our own homes more than ever. What changes do you see evolving in the interior design world as a result?

A: We have been busier than ever this past year and feel truly blessed that people are turning to us to help them with their homes. With people spending less on traveling and events, many of our clients have realized it makes sense to put money back into their home. With this lifestyle change, a lot of our clients are realizing that working from home may soon become the new normal. In order to find that work-life balance, we have been working more on home offices, as well as rooms where families come together to spend more quality time.

Q: This brings me to my next question- Now that families are home together nearly all the time, what advice do you have for making a home not only beautiful but livable? Especially when rooms need to be able to stand up to the inevitable wear and tear of busy children?

A: Of course, our objective is to make a home beautiful and reflective of our style and our client’s style, but it is also important that a home functions for the way each family lives. One way we incorporate the “beauty and the brains” element is through performance fabrics. These fabrics have come such a long way over the past several years, are a great way to keep upholstery looking better longer, and allow our clients to move forward with looks they normally wouldn’t have dreamed of. We love incorporating velvet into our projects and performance velvets have allowed us to push our clients into moving forward with velvet sofas and chairs, instead of just a couple of throw pillows. Another pain point for a lot of families with young children is where to put toys, puzzles and crafts. Built-in cabinetry is a great solution but not always an option for budgets and space. I love taking a piece of furniture – whether an heirloom or a new piece – and transforming it so it works for a family’s needs. In our home, we have a record chest that stores dress-up clothes, trains and books on the top row and all of my husband’s vinyl on the bottom. All things easily accessible and everyone is happy.”

Q: The phrase you just used, “Beauty and the Brains” is wonderful. We are going to have to tuck that one away! Lastly, if you had one piece of design advice to share with our readers, what would it be?

A: Be confident in what you love. I always tell my clients, especially with the purchase of something like Artwork, if you love it, we will find a place for it. A collected mix of items makes all the difference when it comes to telling the story of your family and your home.

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