Although I tend to gravitate more towards Grandmillenial style interiors, occasionally I’ll discover an interior designer whose aesthetic is slightly more contemporary, but is so beautifully executed that it actually makes me want to have them redecorate my entire home. New York based interior designer Christina Murphy is one of those designers and if you’re not already familiar with her work, I’m thrilled to be featuring her today- she is an endless source of inspiration!

Named one of “America’s Top 100 Designers” by House Beautiful, Murphy’s interiors are fresh, effervescent and the perfect blend of beautiful, bold and inviting. She began her designer career at Kemble Interiors and has since had her work featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Coastal Living and more. Textured elements, pops of color, impactful accents and mixing wood finishes are some of her trademarks. “The more wood features I can get into a space, the better,” Murphy says. “I think of wood tones as colors, so there’s plenty of opportunity to create beautiful contrast.”

Whether it’s a posh Upper East Side 1930s duplex or an effortlessly elegant beach house, Murphy’s mastery of symmetry and scale shines through her ability to create timeless interiors that possess a sense of high style and historical preservation, while still feeling warm and informal. I discovered her work on Instagram and know you will fall in love with her work as much as I have. I apologize in advance if today’s post makes you want to redecorate your own house too!

Photography by John Bessler, Sean Litchfield, Jason Setiawan and Kim Sargent


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