The minute I saw Houston designer Brooke McGuyer’s work, I knew I wanted to feature her on the blog. Her fresh take on classic design is a beautiful blend of traditionalism meets European charm that’s both chic and functional. Antiques, table skirts and chinoiserie panels are offset with the clean lines, light wood and natural fabrics frequently seen in Scandinavian design. The result? Truly gorgeous interiors that are calming, welcoming and a breath of fresh air.


Brooke has been kind enough to accept my invitation to join me on the blog and today, she’s sitting down and sharing more about her career, the greatest creative influences in her life and how to use timeless design elements to create a sense of livable luxury. So I hope you’ll pour that (second) cup of coffee and settle in!


Q: How did you get started in your interior design career? What led you there, etc.

A: I have two aunts who are interior designers, one of whom is still practicing today. I really looked up to them when I was younger. As I saw them beautifully balance their design careers with their family life, I knew I wanted to be just like them! I was fortunate enough to intern for one of my aunts for a few summers during college and fell in love with the industry. After I graduated from college, I continued to pursue interior design as my and moved to New York to obtain an Associates Degree from the New York School of Interior Design. I have been working in the industry ever since!

Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic and where you get your inspiration?

A: I would say I have fresh take on traditional design. I always find inspiration when I travel so I look forward to the day when traveling can become safe for all of us again! For now, I’m traveling virtually with the help of shows like Smithsonian’s “An American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates, ” Netflix “The Crown,” and movies like “Emma.” I also find inspiration from shelter magazines. Southern Home, Veranda, and The World of Interiors are my absolute favorites! 


Q:  What is the most common mistake you find homeowners make decorating their homes without using a designer?

A: Not getting the scale or proportions right! We see a lot of existing furniture with a disproportionate scale in relation to the room’s size.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing about designing a house to make it feel like a home?

A: It’s important to see what our clients love and to listen to their wants and needs for their home. I pay close attention to what they love to collect or what they want to start collecting (for example, wanting to start collecting abstract art or wanting to continue collecting blue and white porcelain.) I also note what colors they’re drawn to. We love showcasing our clients’ collections as well as infusing their homes with colors that speak to them. We then add functional furnishings, antiques, and dressmaker details which all help make their house feel like their own beautifully customized home.

“We love showcasing our clients’ collections as well as infusing their house with colors that speak to them.”

-brooke mcguyer

Q: What do you think foresee being some of the biggest design trends for 2021?

A: I’m not one to follow design trends, however I foresee clients asking for more functional spaces within their homes. We have all been spending more time in our homes this year and I feel people have really noticed how much functionality matters! I also foresee a continuation of traditional design trends for 2021. I believe we’re all craving welcoming, warm, hospitable homes that are timeless, sophisticated, chic and most importantly, functional.


Brooke, talking with you was as much as a pleasure as it is seeing your new design projects come to life and I hope you’ll visit the blog again soon!

You can follow Brooke McGuyer on Instagram for endless inspiration and also explore more of her portfolio here!