Do you know when you get the latest edition of a design magazine and the featured home is so ridiculously beautiful that you hastily flip through the entire article to soak everything in as fast as you can before going back and carefully disecting each page? This Buckhead home designed by Clary Bosbyshell of Margaux Interiors in the November edition of Atlanta Home Magazine is the very definition of one of those houses.  Bosby’s use of clean lines and subtle color palette paired with her meticulous attention to detail and appreciation of the historical prowess of the home are sublime.  In the article Bosby explains that “The goal for this renovation was bringing the home into 2018 but also respecting its historical bones and keeping with its grandeur.”  I think it is safe to say she surpassed her goal. Enjoy!

Photography by Emily Followilli // Styled by Eleanor Roper// Architecture, Charles Heydt

Ah, the famous lattice room. The latest revamp is light and airy with blue and white accents. The ikat fabric on the chairs and the pop of color provided by the table lamp lend an air of relaxed to this space.

You guys, this kitchen…enough said. In my next life I want a kitchen with a bookmatched marble backsplash. Is that so much to ask?

I love how Bosbyshell used performance fabric in this custom made banquet to spill-proof the space. The understated elegance of this sitting area highlights the framing around the windows, which is divine.  Do you recognize these pillows? I just featured them in my Monday blog post!

It is impossible to go wrong with Gracie wallpaper and the soft blue paired with the more contemporary fretwork chairs give the room panache and a more contemporary, fuss-free feel.

The architectural detail in this house really is breathtakingly beautiful.  It’s understandable why this home is considered to be one of Atlanta’s historic gems.  The sofa rose accents and lucite table in this living space provide a more formal feel and the greek key rug adds an extra dose of texture and interest.

I haven’t used lacquer paint in my home yet but I am tempted to more each day.  The amount of light it lends a room is always amazing- this dark table paired with the leather chairs could make this room feel heavy and den like, but the lacquered walls give the room a cheerful, cozy feel.

I really enjoyed reading in the article that the back of the house is lived in much more so both the designs and the lately decorating and architectural changes architecture mirror this lifestyle. These living spaces are comparably more informal and the glass and steel doors give this part of the home a more contemporary feel.

The blue and white theme is continued in the upstairs master bedroom and a gracious master bathroom awaits it’s owners at the end of the day.

Who’s ready to attend a party in this backyard? I can only imagine how dreamy it is aglow with candles and music. Who’s with me?

Happy Halloween everyone!