Wallpaper is back, and we are here for it! Of course, in our opinion it never really left but there’s no denying it is ‘trending’ right now. Whether you are scrolling social media or thumbing through your favorite home magazine, wallpaper is everywhere. From high end designer wallcoverings to the new addition of peel and stick paper, there’s something for everyone. With the seemingly endless options to choose from, selecting the perfect wallpaper can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper
Design: Ashley Hanley *
Photography: Kip Dawkins


The first thing to decide is what the vibe is in your home. What is your style? When I sit down with clients to discuss wallpaper I always ask what their dream scenario would be. Is it feminine? Is it coastal? Do you want your guests to be talking about the wallpaper after they leave? Or do you want to make a statement with other elements like window treatments and furniture? It is important to take into consideration what the other rooms in your home look like so that the space you are wallpapering is cohesive with the rest of the home (without limiting you to your dream scenario, of course). It should make sense in your home, while allowing you the opportunity to make a statement.

Design: Becky Nielsen Interiors
Photography: Laurey Glenn


Another way to narrow down your wallpaper selection is to think about what the space is and how it is used. 


Most bedrooms are treated like a retreat at the end of the day, where you can relax and unwind. Keeping this in mind, it’s traditionally best to choose wallcoverings without bright colors, so you can rest. If you want a subtle color, cool colors like blues and greens are the most calming to the eye. Neutrals like white, ivory, grey, and tan are also nice choices. A neutral grasscloth using color in other elements like lamp shades or pillows, can make a bedroom relaxing but also special.

Brittany Bromley Interiors
Photography: Jane Beiles Photography


Without a doubt, bathrooms are the best places to make a statement. They are usually smaller spaces that you can pack a punch in. If you are new to wallpaper, it is also a great place to start because the commitment factor is low. You will need less product and it isn’t a frequented space compared to a kitchen or living room. Guests will surely talk about that fun wallpaper you have.

Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper
Sherrell Design Studio *
Michael Hunter Photography

Mudrooms and Entryways

This is another area that allows you to make a statement without a big commitment. These two rooms are typically how you and your guests enter the home. Whether it’s the front door, or a side door into the mudroom, it sets the tone for what is to come. Adding wallpaper to your entryway or mudroom will certainly grab everyone’s attention and is a great place to take risks.

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper
Anne Pearson Design *
Dustin Peck Photography
Design: Sarah Vaile Design
Photography: Aimee Mazzenga


Whether you have a butlers pantry, or shelves with a door, a pantry is a great space to reflect your style. It is a surprise moment for you and your guests as you walk through it or open the door. Wallpapering the back of your pantry with peel and stick paper is a great way to have a little fun without a big price tag. You can even apply removable paper to the back of closet shelves, or a cabinet, for a playful moment.

Design: Virginia Cheek Designs
Photography: Rustic White

Dining Rooms

Scenic or large scale wallcoverings are great for dining rooms. It can be a conversation starter and a real style moment for you and your guests.


Deciding what pattern is the most suitable for you and your home can be tricky. Factor in the other elements of the room first. Do you have a lot of florals? If so, maybe a stripe wallpaper would balance that out. Do you have a lot of solid fabrics? Then a bolder print will add some interest. If you are living in an older home, you likely have some imperfections in the wall. It is important to treat the walls before wallpaper goes up, but in some cases it is unavoidable. If your walls are slightly irregular in areas, avoid stripes and instead find a wallpaper with a floral print or texture to trick the eye and keep it moving.

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper
Design: Paperwhites Interiors *
Photography: Suzy Thompson


The fifth wall, known as the ceiling, should not be missed. If you aren’t too sure about the commitment with wallpaper and would rather stick to paint, consider looking up. A beautiful stripe or geometric pattern can make your room fabulous, all over again. Combine wallpaper with a great light fixture and oftentimes that is all you need.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper
Hillary Taylor Interiors *
Lindsay Salazar Photogrpahy

Use wallpaper as a fun way to enhance your home and reflect your style. Starting in small spaces will get you excited about other possibilities for it in your home. And since wallpaper is here to stay, we say go for it!

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