Whether she’s mixing floral chintzes and gilt accents with whimsical wallpapers or lacquered furniture, Nashville interior designer, Brooke Riebeling is an endless source of inspiration. She has the ability to put unexpected elements together to transform any room, creating interiors that are fresh, beautiful and functional spaces that will delight her clients for years to come.

I first discovered Brooke on Instagram and her account is a designer lover’s dream! I think I spent at least 20 minutes just looking at every single space. She shares rooms as they’re being designed, so you can see the design process unfold, as well plenty as gorgeous design details, mood boards and color schemes. Oh and her bedrooms are simply magical! Today Brooke was kind enough to join me on the blog to share a little more about what inspires her, who makes the best clients, which trends are here to stay and more!

Q: How would you describe your design style?

A: I would describe my design style as a fresh take on traditional or traditional with a twist.

Q: Are there any design trends you’re loving lately but that you also think also stick around?

A: Yes! I am a huge fan of traditional floral patterns and am so pleased to see that floral chintzes are in style right now. I am a Grandmillenial at heart, as I grew up with lots of Rose Cumming, Brunschwig & Fils and Cowtan & Tout chintzes in my home thanks to my mom. Also, I’m so pleased that homeowners are gravitating to more color and pattern in their homes. I really think being stuck at home has made people realize that a happy home is one that looks happy! And that means color and pattern. Not drab gray walls and all white furniture.

Q: What is the biggest design challenge you have run into working on a client’s home?

A: A client who doesn’t listen and trust my advice. The best clients and the ones who are happiest with the end product are the ones who really let the designer take the reins. There’s a reason you hired me, so let me do my job and I know you’ll be happy!

I really think being stuck at home has made people realize that a happy home is one that looks happy! And that means color and pattern.

Brooke Riebeling

Q: What advice do you have for homeowners who know exactly what they want but can’t do it all at once?

A: Make a list of your priorities and work off of that. Also, I strongly suggest fully finishing a room before moving onto the next one.

Q: As a designer, what do you think makes a house feel like a home?

A: Anything that has meaning makes a house feel like a home, whether it’s art that speaks to you, or an antique vase on your bookshelf. The most “homey” homes are the ones that are collected over time, not the ones that have meaningless items filling up bookshelves.

Photography by Paige Rumore