Rose Medallion 101

chinese porcelain, rose medallion, antiques, jenkins interiors

Rose medallion is one of the most popular types of Chinese porcelain found in traditional Western interior design. Antiques expert, Jessica Lev, is sharing the history behind this collection along with tips for identifying each of the three styles. Collectors and interior designers alike have treasured Chinese export porcelain for decades, even centuries, and rose…

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How to Style A Plate Wall

plate wall design

Plate walls add charm and visual interest to any home, but choosing which plates to use is often the hardest part. Antiques expert Jessica Lev, shares a few of the most popular collections to consider and a glimpse behind the history of each one. A hallmark of the grandmillennial trend is the reemergence of plates…

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Do You Know the Difference Between ‘Antique’ & ‘Vintage’ Furniture?

I’ve found that people have been increasingly using the words ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’ interchangeably.  Is there a real difference? (spoiler alert: yes) Does it matter for you?  Maybe. Let’s delve a little more into the matter, and I’ll lay out the differences, what may drive pricing and collectible value for each, and why you may…

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