Behind the Canvas: Q&A with Carson Overstreet

Carson Overstreet joins The Traditional List for a Q&A in celebration of her the release of her newest series, Marshes and Mountains, on Liza Pruitt. It can be hard to find a reliable source for original artwork, which is why so many homeowners and designers alike, have found themselves turning to Liza Pruitt time and…

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Why Weezie Towels Live Up To The Hype

Bathroom Ideas, powder room inspiration, blue and white home decor, blue and white

You’ve probably heard by now that Weezie Towels are the best towels on the market. Here’s why they live up to the well-deserved hype. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “So, what’s so special about Weezie?!” Fortunately for us, it’s our favorite one to answer! We spend so much time thinking…

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