Austin based Abstract artist, Erin Donahue Tice is one of those people I admire not only for her passion and talent as an artist, but also for her journey that led her to painting and her warmth and openness in sharing her story. Lately I have found myself adding more and more abstract around our home. Mixing contemporary art with traditional interiors can be a challenge but it has become something I love doing and part of the fun is not only finding the right pieces, but also the right artist!

Erin Donahue Tice was always creative but never had any formal training in painting. After having her second son, Erin left a high powered corporate career to stay at home with her children. As much as she loved having more time with her boys, like so many mothers (including myself) who leave the workforce, she couldn’t help feeling like much of her identity was slipping away. On top of this, her newborn son was colicky for six months, which I can personally attest will push anyone to the edge. As a result, Erin decided to take up painting as a creative and therapeutic outlet. Before she knew it, a new and exciting chapter in her life had begun and it wasn’t long until she was getting commissions from friends and referrals. Tice now has a booming business has had work featured in multiple galleries.

Erin Tice
Photography by
Hannah Mayson Needham, Scout Guide Austin

Much of Erin’s inspiration comes from a combination of nature and life experiences and her paintings are free flowing expressions of the intertwining of both. Her compositions are thoughtful and fluid with palettes ranging from soft blues and greens to cheerful corals and pinks. Whether she’s painting abstract landscapes and florals or geometric forms in motion, Tice’s paintings pull you in and are both eye catching and beautiful.

Erin Donahue Tice Abstract Art

Although acrylics are Tice’s primary medium, she also uses watercolors and pastels from time to time. Occasionally, she mixes these mediums to help illustrate the complex and sometimes unexpected simultaneous overlapping of emotions, much like in her latest collection that launches today entitled: In The Thick of It.

New Collection: In The Thick of It

Tice’s latest collection, In the Thick of It was inspired by the highs and lows we have all felt the past few months. From being in the thick of quarantine to nesting with our families to savoring all of the “good” that will (and has already) come out of the chaos, her paintings reflect the silver linings that can ultimately be found. I’ve shared a sneak peek below and you can show the collection here.

When I told Erin I would like to feature her, she was kind enough to let me select a painting from the collection and I chose the one on the left. It just came but I will hang and share with you all soon! Now I want the other painting so I can have a set. I can never resist symmetry.

I’ve been so excited to share Erin’s work with you and part of the excitement comes from knowing you all will relate to her as much as her art! “I can say with certainty that art has made me a better mom, wife, friend and person. I am so happy and free when I’m painting, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop refining my techniques, trying new things, and exploring my own style. Painting has also taught me that anyone can have a “Second Act” in life, and that it’s not too late to find an untapped passion and nurture it. ” I hope you can find inspiration in her words as well as her paintings and thank you so much for stopping by!

P.S. This is slightly off topic, but is anyone else dying for a tour of her home after following her on Instagram? I know I am!

Kristen Nix Interiors and Erin Donahue Tice
Interior Design by Kristen Nix Interiors and Photography by Michael Hunter Photo

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