There’s no denying that abstract and impressionistic paintings are definitely on trend right now. Although I tend to veer away from most things “trendy” when it comes to interior design, if you curate your artwork carefully, the right abstract or impressionistic piece can tie an entire room together in an instant and ultimately become a timeless possession. The unexpected pop of color and texture these styles offer serve as a unifying breath of fresh air and effortlessly bring any room to life. If you’ve been looking for one of these paintings, then you do not want to miss today’s feature of Birmingham artist, Corrie Hayes.

I first discovered Corrie’s work through an interior designer I follow on Instagram. When I did a little research and looked at Corrie’s own Instagram page, I was blown away with her versatility and range. Her paintings are full of whimsy and joy yet also have such a sense of peace and calm. I reached out to her and am so excited to have Corrie joining me today on the blog to share more about her work and creative process! You can also shop her available works HERE.

Corrie Hayes

Q: Whether you’re framing botanicals or glazing butterfly paintings, you artwork has such breadth. How would you personally describe your style of painting?

A: My style is definitely impressionistic and what I also refer to as “on trend.” If you want to hang a lion that looks like it’s out of National Geographic, I’m not your girl. But if you’re looking for a piece that ties your entire space together and draws the eye because of color or texture; or if you’re loving the latest design trends like grasscloth mattes, acrylic, or geometric abstracts then I’m the perfect fit. Much of inspiration comes from what I like and would want in my own space.

(This painting entitled “Water Gazing” is one of very my favorite in her shop. How cute in a little girl’s room or mudroom?)

Q: What type of design style would you say best aligns with your aesthetic?

A: My artwork fits well with almost all interiors, whether modern or traditional. I love a good mix of an abstract painting with antique furniture or a vintage Turkish rug. I also have a lot of clients who sensibilities are more coastal-chic and my Water Series and blue works have been the perfect fit. I also love working with grasscloth, faux bamboo and burl wood and coastal places offer up a lively variety of gorgeous color palettes for inspiration.

Q: You commissions on your site, but could you elaborate a bit more about the process?

A: It really runs the gamut! I work with clients who already know exactly what size, color scheme and medium they want, as well as with clients who don’t know where to start! Many times people will send me photos and measurements of their space and we work from there. I love not only helping select the right size and style painting but assisting clients with the best way to style my art in their homes, whether it’s with sconces, gallery lights or shelving.

Q: What advice do you have for readers who love your work and want to commission a piece of art, but aren’t sure where to start with deciding what to ask you to paint?

A: Art should be a focal point and in my opinion, a total statement! Basically, if you’re not sure of YOUR style but you know you love my style of work, we can definitely work from there! I also love using mood boards to help clients nail down exactly what type of artistic element they tend to gravitate towards the most.

Q: I absolutely love the colorful lucite frames you use and show in your Instagram story highlights. Do you have advice or tips on how to pick out the perfect frame? Especially when they are in a medium that can be intimidating to some readers?

A: My lucite acrylic frames are exclusive with makes them a really fun option that allows my client has several choices! Framing is such a personal decision, I like to talk through the options with them. They may also choose to not frame their piece or use an acrylic canvas floater (gold/silver front optional). If acrylic isn’t the best looking option, I provide plenty of other color and texture floater frame options to complete your piece of art!

Thank you all so much for stopping by today and I hope you love the work of Corrie Hayes as much as I do! Whether you are looking for a chic impressionistic silhouette or a more geometric abstract painting, one of the things that stuck me the most about Corrie is her true passion for working with her clients and making sure she creates something that they absolutely love.

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