Photography by Emery Davis and Rachel Heacox

When it comes to classical, fresh interiors, Dallas decorator and textile designer Lisa Henderson knows how to add a pop of panache to everyday living. Her design philosophy—to enhance each client’s daily routine with a beautiful place to call home—is evident is every aspect of her work, especially in finishing touches. From whole house renovations to her designing her own textiles, every one of her projects has a wonderful duality between timeless design and modern living.

Today Lisa was kind enough to site dow and chat with us about everything under the sun from her her new textile line and her design process and what inspires her. You can also find lots more inspiration in her portfolio and on her Instagram.

Lisa Henderson

Q. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

A. My style is traditional—but fresh. Most of all, I love infusing color in everything I do.

Q. In your opinion, what is the most important perspective to have when designing a home?

A. At the beginning of every project, I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire. Not only does this approach help me get to know them and gain a deeper understanding for their project, the questions allow me to define the direction for each room—such as, “How do you want to use this space and what function will it have for your daily life?” Because of this perspective, the end results efficiently utilize the whole room in a comfortable, cozy way, due to the lack of dead, undefined space.

Photography by Rachel Heacox

Q. After you graduated from college, you studied under Cathy Kincaid. I can only imagine how incredible that experience was! What are some of the most important things you learned from your time with Cathy?

A. I like to say that I received my masters and doctorate degrees from Cathy—I learned so much under her tutelage! She’s extremely detail-oriented and is one of the hardest working people I know. My time with her helped instill my own detailed approach and tenacity to make use of every minute to complete a task, values I hold high in my own business today.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone interested in design is to train under an expert for at least five years—there is nothing greater than gaining real life experience.

Lisa Henderson
Emery Davis Photography

Q. I’m a huge fan of your new textiles—the colors and patterns are timeless! Where do you find inspiration for your prints and designs?

A. My favorite way to find new inspirations is by traveling—mainly throughout Europe! For example, my textile print, the Firenze, was inspired by a recent trip to Florence, Italy. I also enjoy looking through antique books for archived papers and textile patterns.

I love the European lifestyle, cultures, seasons, aesthetics, cuisine, and architecture and am enthusiastic to find ways to incorporate these elements into my designs.

Q. How do you balance having your own interior design firm with your textile company?

A. The experiences I’ve gained by having my own interior design firm have helped me bypass a lot of things in my textile company that have the potential to upset clients—for example, I don’t have a cut minimum for my textiles. Because I have the perspective and needs of a designer, I can provide turnkey service and designer advantages in my textile business.

“Lampshades are a fun, easy way to add color and update any room—from bedside table lamps to bathroom sconces”

-lisa henderson

Lisa Henderson Lamp Shades
Emery Davis Photography

Q. I love your lampshade collection! What inspired you to add lampshades to your line?

A. I adore fabric lampshades. I knew I always wanted to offer a product in my line that was accessible to the public, whether they’re working with an interior designer or simply freshening up a space on their own. Lampshades are a fun, easy way to add color and update any room—from bedside table lamps to bathroom sconces.

Emery Davis Photography

Q. Do you have any other exciting projects on the horizon that you can share?

A. We have several wonderful projects in the works around the country in Palm Springs, South Carolina, NYC, and a rustic cabin retreat in Texas. I’m also finishing my own home after a recent renovation. I am looking forward to sharing a reveal of it very soon!

Emery Davis Photography